Exclusive offer! One time for the next 8 days only! 33% More Free than zero dollars!

Send me your favorite Wikipedia page and I’ll make you a Valentine out of it. That’s right, out of any page you are currently crushin’ on, I’ll make you a Valentine that you can send to a person you’re crushin’ on… don’t be shy! The worst that can happen is that your Valentine Person gets jealous of your Valentine Wiki and edits some insults directed at you into the published page. And would you really want to be someone-who-would-do-that’s Valentine? Nah, I didn’t think so. You’ll be fine.

So send me a page that you recently discovered through Random Article clicks (, maybe something really long and disgusting but potentially useful (, or maybe something that gives you the facts you need without all the pesky sexism (

Wikipedia is Knowledge! Knowledge is Power! Power is Loving An Inanimate Digital Encyclopedia More Than It Can Ever Love You Back So It Forever Owes You!

No, wait, Wikipedia is Free And Love Also Don’t Cost A Thing! Yeah, yeah, that one’s better. Spread the free love!!!

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