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4 thoughts on “Splashed

  1. Evan Moore says:

    Too late or too early. I am a bit drunk and web stalking. The comic looks gorgeous. Allow me one lock of your shining mane.

  2. jon clouse says:

    Is this from your subconscious? I remember being late to pick you up at West Elementary and you were sobbing uncontrolably…..I still feel bad about it. And please get over this rage about the guy splashing you on purpose. I didn’t know you hung on to such hostility. Would you stone him if you had the chance?
    Amazing drawings, Franciscobob! Keep up the good work!

  3. Evan TC says:

    I like that you are doing multiple pannel comics now. Don’t forget about your domain name offer. I thought of eefc.com. Could stand for Emily’s Effing Content.

  4. sionclarke says:

    This afternoon my mother accidentally sprayed water on this woman when we were driving past in the car. Not terribly you understand, but maybe just enough to warrant rock throwing. Now I feel bad.

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